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LREA Coops: Request for Information

Capacity and Energy Request for Information

Notice: RFI Responses are now due September 5. Please see schedule below for more details.

Southwest Louisiana Electric Membership Corporation, Pointe Coupee Electric Membership Corporation and Concordia Electric Cooperative Inc. are together seeking information from providers of capacity and energy resources regarding contracted power supply and demand reduction solutions. Collectively, these utilities are looking to secure resources to serve an approximate annual peak demand of 925 MW and 2,900,000 MWh of annual energy.

A Request for Information (RFI) soliciting expressions of interest is available to interested providers by first registering here. The information obtained through this RFI will be used in evaluating candidates to receive potential future Requests for Proposals (RFP) pursuant to the Louisiana Public Service Commission rules. Once registered an RFI information package will be forwarded to the identified key contact by close of the next business day.

The utilities are interested in understanding the current availabilities, flexibilities, and preferences of companies interested in providing delivered energy and/or capacity. The utilities are also interested in understanding the potential advantages of contracting for a diverse portfolio of demand reduction and supply sources, including thermal and renewable technologies and storage alternatives.

Any and all questions related to this RFI should be submitted to our advisor and solicitation manager at

Register Here

    Anticipated Schedule

    Press release announcing issuance of RFI: July 1, 2019

    Notice of Intent to respond due: July 15, 2019

    RFI responses due: September 5, 2019

    Follow-up interviews (as needed): September 9 through October 4, 2019

    Potential future Request for Proposals (RFP) pursuant to the Louisiana Public Service Commission rules: Will be considered after review of RFI responses is complete.

    Information Updates

    Any updates to information related to this RFI will be chronicled here.

    Are you requiring an email with a written notice of intent to respond (due July 15, 2019), or does registration on the Daymark LREA Coops: Request for Information page accepted as a notice of intent?

    As indicated under Qualifications and Assumptions, item G, participants should provide a notification of “Intent to respond” by July 15, 2019. This response should be in written form and can be satisfied by sending an email to indicating your intent to respond.

    Will you have a Q&A log available for all market participants to allow everyone to benefit from questions that are asked, or do you intend to keep Q&A confidential with each individual participant?

    Yes, we intend to post a Q&A log to the solicitation website for all participants to view.

    If we do not respond to the RFI, will we still be eligible to respond to a future RFP?

    We encourage all interested parties to participate in the RFI so that the COOPs can become informed of your proposed solutions and the potential advantages and flexibilities that your firm may offer them. We are using this process to establish a robust universe of qualified parties to participate in a potential RFP. Therefore, responding to the RFI may offer a potential advantage as you may be targeted for participation in a future RFP. However, it is not an absolute requirement that responding to the RFI is a necessary condition to participate in any contemplated RFPs.

    What is driving the winter load shapes as noted in Appendix 1 of the RFI?

    The load shape reflects residential customers with electric resistance heating, and they’ve experienced several winter cold snaps during 2016-2019, driving up demand on selected days during that period.

    What is determining the COOPs intention to replace the existing wholesale power contracts? Is the move driven by cost, fuel mix, or some other factors?

    It is mostly a matter of timing as the current contract obligation terminates. The COOPs view this process as an opportunity to reduce the current reliance on coal. However, price is paramount. The COOPs are interested in fuel diversity as well but not at the expense of price to the customer.

    The RFI requests that parties provide information regarding their level of experience in developing projects and selling output in the MISO region. How strong is the need to show currently queued projects?

    Demonstration of your ability to see projects to completion and undertake risk mitigation on behalf of the client are important. However, this experience does not necessarily have to be in Louisiana specifically. It is important to demonstrate your ability to adapt to new situations/scenarios in undertaking projects.

    Are the cooperatives open to contract durations in increments other the 5-year increments stipulated in the RFI?

    The cooperatives are willing to consider all contract duration options but prefer shorter durations as a means of balancing risk and facilitating supply diversity. The 5-year increments were requested to help facilitate proposal comparisons.

    Can you provide a three year history of hour load data for all three COOPs?

    A graphical display of summer and winter peak load shapes for the three COOPs has been provided to all registered parties. Additionally, registered parties that execute an NDA will receive the requested hourly load data.

    The Confidentiality paragraph in the RFI identifies Buyers only, and not Daymark. Does Daymark also acknowledge that information contained in proposals submitted in response to the RFI is considered confidential and will treat such data as confidential in accordance with the language included in the Confidentiality paragraph?

    The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that participants must execute to receive the COOPs’ load data relates specifically to RFI participants’ obligations about that information. Separately, Daymark’s obligations regarding the confidentiality of all information as it relates to the RFI, including proposals that may be submitted by participants, is addressed with the COOPs via a separately executed agreement. Under those terms, Daymark agrees to protect the confidentiality of all information it receives.

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